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Why Do People Do What The Do?  - The evolution of a book.
Thoughts on Life - 1955/6 Understandings, Beliefs, Religion - 2012 Some Thoughts on Life - 2013

When I was an Engineering student at the University of Melbourne in the 1950's I, like many other people, started to consider what I was doing and why.  Life was busy, everything was exciting, I enjoyed sailing in small boats at Frankston Yacht Club and exams kept demanding attention; so the big questions took a minor place in my life.  In 1955 I wrote a few lines that I intended to complete in 1956, but then a chance to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology took it all out of my mind and I stuffed the few pages away.  After a busy life with a growing family and a career in engineering and research, I came upon these jottings in 2012.  I was forced to wonder about what I had learnt in the intervening 57 years and wrote some notes on my understandings of beliefs in 2012and some of my thoughts on life in 2013 - you can click on the headings above to see these notes.

Now the book is published in Amazon Kindle, July 2018:
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RH Brown - July 2018

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