WW1 - Vernon Carlisle Brown in the Great War 1917 -18
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A few general items from newspapers and a magazine in the  1917 - 1919.  These were retained by Vernon Brown.  The paper is not in good condition, but I include them here as they may be of interest to others who  have relatives mentioned.  - Robert Hallowes Brown, August 2008.

This first item appeared in a Scottish newspaper and stresses VCB's Scottish heritage and links to Scotland.

'Army Orders' listing awards 30th July 1918, when Vernon Brown was awarded the bar to the MC.

Various awards listed in an Australian newspaper in 1917 or 18,
when Vernon Brown gained the MC.

University of Melbourne University of Melbourne University of Melbourne University of Melbourne
This photo of an aid post appeared in an Australian newspaper  -
it must be similar to some of the aid posts described by Vernon Brown in his diary

Below is a listing of University of Melbourne medical graduates involved in WW1.  
It was published in April 1919 and indicates the large number of  Melbourne medical graduates
who played a part in the war.  No doubt there must have been other graduates who took part,
but are not listed here.

Here is a photo of the monument that was erected some time after the war as a memorial
 to the Australians who served and died near Villers-Bretonneux.