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“This philosophical, sci-fi flavored history from Brown, a mechanical engineer, challenges readers to examine human history through the eyes of an outsider. Alien space explorer Horatio is an ätman, a member of an advanced civilization that incorporates software into their biological material”. – BookLife review

“Up to date, inclusive, and well-written, Brown’s SF novel is a fascinating overview of human evolution and the achievements of homo sapiens”. - The Prairies Book Review


“Brown explores the devastating environmental destruction, the result of an exponential growth in human population and advancement of technologies”. - The Prairies Book Review

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“This melding of history and science fiction will appeal to intellectual, philosophically inclined readers.” – BookLife review

"An Atman Visits Earth" is a science fiction story with a strong moral message. It aims to set the human race in its real position within the long history of the earth; to highlight the exponential plague of the human population and the devastation being wrought by the side effects of the remarkable technologies that have been developed.

It is hoped that this will be seen as fitting within the science fiction genre with an imagined advanced technology planet run by robotic personalities and their examination of the evolution of the earth in the last 25 million years. Finally they recognise that their automated personalities are seriously lacking in the emotion of love and that emotion is a prime reason for all of us to live.

As a background the reader is encouraged to consider the future of life on earth with the ever-increasing disruption of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and automation of many tasks and activities.

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Unsolicited comment from a reader

  I did enjoy all the ideas you incorporated so cleverly in the narrative. As a lover of history and 'eco-warrier' I was engaged throughout. I hope you are finding many other readers who also appreciate your philosophical insights.

 Many thanks for providing the opportunity to muse further on our human transgressions as well is our achievements.

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