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A look at the development of humans on Earth; their philosophical wonderings about creation, consciousness and their position in the universe. Speculation on human psychology and the mind, with an outline of how the brain operates, gives some indication of the capacity of humans to imagine, invent and establish a new world with a sustainable future. Humans have developed the capability to destroy life as it has been known for the last hundred million years or so. Consideration of the past may ensure that what people do in the future will bring recognition of the rights for everyone on this planet to live in harmony.

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Foreword & Looking Back

Chapter 1 -What it is to be Human

Chapter 2 -The Universe and Man

Chapter 3 - Philosophy, Psychology, the Mind

Chapter 4 - The Brain: Physical Structure and Operation

Chapter 5 - Brainwashing and Mind Control

Chapter 6 - Some Beliefs – The Paranormal, Spiritual, Religious

Chapter 7 - Human Achievements and Understanding of the Physical Universe

Chapter 8 - So, why do they do what they do

References and Further Reading